Brisbane and Perth-based Lepidico (ASX:PLP) is a lithium company with global interests that is focused on delivering the best possible returns to investors through exploration, development and operation of lithium assets, particularly those containing lithium-rich mica minerals. The Company’s shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and also the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (AUB).

Our proprietary L-Max® technology has the potential to put Lepidico at the forefront of the lithium industry.

In a relatively short period of time, Lepidico has established a global footprint in lithium via wholly owned projects and joint ventures in Australia, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Our L-Max® technology has been an important ‘exploration tool’ in unlocking new opportunities and this advantage remains important as we continue to grow.

Lepidico Ltd is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: PLP, PLPO).

The Company’s shares also trade on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.



Lepidico Ltd is a lithium exploration company and the 100% owner and licensor of the L-Max® technology.

L-Max® is a propriety and disruptive process which has the potential to commercially extract lithium chemicals for the burgeoning electric battery market.

We are actively exploring for unconventional sources of lithium on which to apply the L-Max® process.

These sources include lithium-bearing micas such as lepidolite and zinnwaldite and other lithium-rich minerals such as amblygonite, that have previously been attributed minimal or no value.

L-Max® can be the key to creating value from these previously neglected minerals.



The world currently sources lithium from two major sources, namely brines and hard rock spodumene. However, there exist other lithium-rich minerals (including lepidolite, zinnwaldite and amblygonite) which have been discarded and overlooked as potential sources.

These untapped sources of lithium often co-exist with spodumene or tantalite in pegmatite deposits, and are sometimes mined and discarded to tailings / waste dumps.

Lepidico plans to disrupt the lithium industry by deploying L-Max® and realising its key advantages:

  • Additional lithium production and value at spodumene-focussed operations (turn your waste into lithium)
  • Exploring for unconventional sources of lithium which have been overlooked in the past
  • Lower operating costs through the energy efficient L-Max® process, which includes the recovery of valuable by-products that co-exist in these “unconventional” mineral deposits.