Broken Hill, NSW, Australia – Lepidico 100%

The Euriowie project consists of 49km2 of tenements located 60km north of Broken Hill, New South Wales and is located close to key infrastructure. Within the tenements, there are three historical mine workings in amblygonite-rich pegmatites. Amblygonite is a lithium-phosphate mineral that has a high lithium content of up to 10% Li2O. In September 2016, Exploration Licence 8468 was granted in relation to the project area, allowing exploration activities to commence


Figure: Location of Euriowie Project EL8468

In the 1900s, numerous small-scale mines were developed on a series of pegmatite bodies mining for tin.  Historical data notes the occurrence of lithium and tantalum bearing minerals within these pegmatites.

Three pegmatites have been identified as initial targets for amblygonite at Euriowie – Trident, Lady Don and Sceptre.  An initial exploration program consisting of surface mapping and geochemical sampling is being planned.


Figure: Outcropping amblygonite-bearing pegmatite at Euriowie

Lepidico is currently planning an exploration program at Euriowie which includes geochem analysis, soil sampling and mapping.