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Lepidico’s strategic objective is to fast track the business to free cash flow generation, demonstrate the commercial viability of L‐Max®and become a globally significant lithium chemical producer.


Lepidico’s vision is to maximize long term community benefits and shareholder value in the sustainable development of its lithium resources – wherever it operates.

Safety – We adhere to high safety standards and procedures and protocol for our employees, contractors, subcontractors, communities and partners. We continue our zero-harm health safety and environment track-record since records began in September 2016.

Create Shareholder Value – By fast tracking the business to free cash flow generation and demonstrating the commercial viability of our clean-tech process, L-Max®, we aim to become a globally significant, vertically integrated lithium chemical producer through the value chain from mine to battery grade lithium chemical. We will maintain a focus on high return, strategically located, sustainable developments in low risk jurisdictions.

Supporting our Communities – We strive to make a positive long term sustainable impact in the communities in which we operate. This includes local opportunities for employment, training and advancement, and community development projects.

Supporting the Environment – We are committed to the mitigation and remediation of all environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of our activities, ultimately striving for a zero waste scenario. We produce eco-friendly compounds- lithium carbonate, SOP fertilizer, sodium sulphate, amorphous silicate.

Sustainable Development

Lepidico is committed to developing a sustainable lithium business providing high quality products whilst minimising environmental and social impacts. We have a strong strategic approach to operating in a corporately responsible manner in a rapidly changing and challenging global environment.

As a modern company that is quickly moving forward to complete the feasibility study on the Phase 1 L-Max®plant in Sudbury, we have embraced the challenge to integrate social, economic, environmental and health and safety opportunities into project design criteria while also minimising business risks.

This first report has been developed to discuss management’s approach to sustainable development and how social responsibility initiatives are being integrated into the company ethos. This report is not a full sustainability report, but rather an insight into the initiatives Lepidico is taking as it transitions, from an exploration and development company, into a future lithium producer.

We have not yet captured the detailed sustainability performance data metrics from our operations or contractors and believe the appropriate timing for full disclosure will be the year following the commissioning of the Phase 1 Plant, currently scheduled for 2020. We expect that our understanding of the material issues will become clearer for each business unit as we progress regulatory approval processes and input from our stakeholders, especially as their expectations for the management of issues evolves and becomes more complex. Our goal is to be able to report our future activities against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and in the intervening years we will be improving our systems to collect the necessary data.

This report provides commentary on our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) systems development commensurate with our risks and opportunities. We look forward to sharing our experiences to date in this report, and further disclosure in future reports, as we continue on our sustainability journey. We undertake to further engage with a wide group of stakeholders and community groups at our key project sites, and we welcome their input and feedback on our CSR reporting.