Corporate Governance

Lepidico has continually seeks to implement improvements to its Corporate Governance system as the company grows in complexity to meet its development programs.

In 2018, the Board was strengthened with the appointments of Ms. Cynthia Thomas and Mr. Brian Talbot as Non-Executive Directors to the Company. Ms. Thomas brings over 30 years of banking and mine financing experience and is currently the Principal of Conseil Advisory Services Inc. Mr. Talbot is a chemical engineer with over 35 years’ experience in mine management and processing of lithium ores. Mr Talbot is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Resources Ltd and was formerly responsible for Bikita Minerals plant expansion and metallurgical improvements.

Our Board composition brings together a balanced team of experienced financial, technical and operations expertise. The Board works closely with the Lepidico management team to guide the company and has oversight of our CSR mandate.


The Directors monitor the business affairs of the Company on behalf of Shareholders and have formally adopted a corporate governance plan which is designed to promote accountability, risk management and ethical conduct.

The Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the Company, and it recognises the need for the highest standards of behaviour and accountability. The Board has developed and will continue to develop strategies for the Company, review strategic objectives, and monitor the performance against those objectives.


The Board has adopted a corporate governance plan which incorporates policies and charters consistent, where considered appropriate having regard to the Company’s current size and structure, with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s “Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations” (Recommendations). Such Policies include, but are not limited to, the Board Charter, Code of Conduct, Audit and Risk Committee Charter, Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter and Continuous Disclosure and, Diversity policies and Risk Management Procedures.

In accordance with the Listing Rules the Company has established Guidelines for Buying and Selling Securities.

The Board also recognises its duty to ensure that its Shareholders and other stakeholders are informed of all major developments affecting the Company’s state of affairs.

As the Company’s activities develop in size, nature and scope, the implementation of additional corporate governance structures will be given further consideration.

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