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Lepidico continues to expand its technology base. In May 2018 a provisional patent application was lodged for the hydro-metallurgical process, S-Max™, which produces an amorphous silica from concentrates sourced from a range of mica minerals, including lithium micas. The purified amorphous silica may be sold directly as a concrete additive or potentially used as a feed to produce a variety of other silica products. The S-Max™ technology is held in a wholly owned Lepidico subsidiary: Silica Technology Pty Ltd.

S-Max™ employs three stages; grinding, sulphuric acid leach regimes at atmospheric pressure, followed by differential classification and flotation streams. All equipment is industry standard and common use reagents are employed. Occupational health and safety requirements will be straightforward. Importantly, S-Max™ can be used as a standalone process, or is compatible with Lepidico’s proprietary L-Max® process.