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Business Strategy

Lepidico’s strategic objective remains to fast track the business to free cashflow generation by developing a sustainable lithium business that leverages its proprietary technology suite that includes L-Max®, LOH-Max CsRb refining and lithium carbonate conversion via CO2 sequestration. More recent developments include the manufacture of caesium and rubidium chemicals from lithium mica minerals allows Lepidico’s strategy to be extended to include the expanded alkali metals product suite, along with production of lithium hydroxide using LOH-Max® and lithium carbonate via a proprietary refining process that employs CO2. As such Lepidico is uniquely positioned to become a first mover in developing new sources of a range of specialty chemicals that are either in short supply or in the case of lithium projected to be within a few years.

Completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study for the vertically integrated Phase 1 Project (P1P) in May 2020 – marked the culmination of six years of research, development and study work, and represents a significant deliverable in Lepidico’s strategy to become a globally significant lithium chemical producer. Importantly, this milestone was reached with the Company maintaining its zero-harm health, safety and environmental track-record. Phase 1 is differentiated from most other lithium development projects by providing attractive economics at relatively modest scale, thereby reducing scale-up and funding risk, and allowing a focus on product quality rather than volume.